Transitioning from addiction treatment to the real world can be difficult. That’s why sober living homes are so useful. Here at the Monroe Street Housing sober living housing facility, we offer homes for both men and women.

Our co-ed environment provides a place where people can find the hope and freedom they seek on the road to recovery. All of our members are people that have already gone through addiction treatment and need a little more guidance before transitioning back into their day-to-day lives.

Located in downtown Kokomo, Indiana, Monroe Street Housing provides sober living by the sea. That way you can live in a peaceful environment and connect with your inner spirit while transitioning into the real world. Downtown Kokomo is also a great place to live because it has access to restaurants, entertainment, parks, and pools.

Here at Monroe Street Housing, we allow you to be independent, work, attend school, and participate in real-world activities. As long as you’re interested in these activities and they’re good for you, we encourage it! That way, you already have a taste of life outside of rehab.

The benefit of living at Monroe Street Housing though is that while you experience aspects of the real world, we’ll simultaneously provide you aftercare treatment services to ensure that you stay on the right path in your recovery.

We lean on the 12-step recovery program as a basis for all of our aftercare services. This means that all of our members must participate in 12-step addiction support groups.

Our aftercare service occurs in 2 phases, enabling you to get all the care that you need to lead a successful sober life afterward. We offer vocational training, transportation services for interviews, and regular meals to all of our members just to make their lives easier.

We also offer medical and clinical services. This means that recovering men and women who have completed Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) can live at our facility. We even have places for you to keep your medications locked with 24/7 supervision medical supervision.

Through our spirit-guided approach to aftercare services and transitional care, we cater to the mind, body, and soul of each of our members. The ultimate goal of Monroe Street Housing is to have all of our members successfully transition back into their regular home life with the self-esteem and full confidence that they will be alright.

To ensure that this occurs, we even have an alumni program that operates as a community of Visible Recovery throughout central Indiana. By a community of Visible Recovery, we mean that our alumni program members meet up in real-world social places throughout central Indiana to hang out and support one another once they are no longer living at our housing facility. Thus, our alumni are in recovery visibility in the real world.


At Monroe Street Housing, we’re here to serve you and better your spirit as you continue on your recovery journey. To learn more about Monroe Street Housing and the services that we offer at our transitional sober housing facility, feel free to contact us anytime!

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