At any sober living home, it’s important to provide resources for your residents that will help lead them to live a successful life sober after they leave your community. At Monroe Street Housing, we keep this in mind. That is why we provide a wide variety of resources.

Sober living homes in general, are very resourceful. As a result, there are many benefits to attending one. While many sober living facilities are separated by gender, Monroe Housing offers sober living homes for men and women.

To fully understand the resources available for people in recovery at Monroe Street Housing, you must first understand the benefits and resources that all sober living homes tend to entail. Then, not only will you gain a better appreciation for sober living homes in general, but you’ll also gain a better appreciation for the sober living homes that Monroe Street Housing provides.


Sober living homes are beneficial because they provide extra support to people in recovery. Without such support, people that finish their addiction treatment programs would suddenly be left to their own devices. This is not ideal because people in recovery are very vulnerable after leaving addiction treatment.

Aftercare Treatment

One benefit of sober living homes is that it provides aftercare services for their members. These aftercare services can be in the form of support groups, therapy, 12-step programs, and more. By providing people in addiction recovery with aftercare services, sober living homes are giving those in addiction recovery the support and care that they need to wean themselves off of treatment. Otherwise, people in recovery would go from receiving constant care and assistance to none at all.

Having access to aftercare services while still keeping up with your real-world responsibilities will make life after you leave your sober housing home easier. This is because you’ll be practicing the skills that you’re learning in your aftercare programs in the real world in real-time. Thus, when you’re on your own in the real world, you’ll already know what to do to maintain your sobriety.

Lowers Chances of Relapse

Another benefit of sober living homes is that they decrease the chances of you relapsing. This is because they give you the extra support that you need while entering the real world. That way being on your own in the real world will not be as overwhelming later on. As a result, living in a transitional sober housing community will make you less likely to need to drink or use substances to cope with life after addiction treatment.

Reduces Loneliness

Another benefit of sober living homes is that they reduce any feelings of loneliness. that those in recovery may have felt if they would’ve gone directly back into the real world after treatment. This is because of the community of other people in recovery that are living at sober housing facilities that you get to interact with.

At sober housing communities, you even get to attend support groups with your fellow members in recovery. That way you have people that you can turn to if you’re ever struggling with your addiction in the future. 

Food and Cleaning Services

Another benefit of sober housing communities is that they often cook some of your meals for you. That way you have one less thing to stress about in life after addiction treatment. Some sober living communities will even have people to help perform other chores for you. The purpose of having people perform such services for you is so that you can focus solely on your recovery.

Promotes Discipline

While many sober housing communities will have people to help cook and clean for you, most sober living homes still have many rules that you would have to follow. In fact, most sober living homes are very strict about you following their rules. These rules could include everything from a curfew to rules on how to behave with other housing residents to what programs you must participate in.

There may even be chores or responsibilities that you must keep up with as a resident at the facility. Regardless of what rules your sober living home makes you follow, doing so will help foster discipline and responsibility in you.

Treatment Programs That Cater to the Human Brain

One benefit of sober living homes is that the small number of treatment programs that are offered there are usually scientifically formatted in a way that caters to the human brain. This is particularly true for sober living home facilities that are gender-specific. This is because the male and female brains operate differently.

For example, males tend to approach problems from a more structural perspective than females. Females, on the other hand, tend to approach problems from a more emotional perspective.

Therefore, all-male sober living homes will often structure their support groups and treatment and aftercare programs in a structural way. All-female sober living homes will structure their programs from a more emotional perspective. At sober housing communities that are co-ed (such as Monroe Housing), treatment programs will be formatted in a mix of structural and more emotional-based ways.

Alternative Bonding Activities

Another benefit of sober living homes is the different alternative activities that they often provide. For example, many sober living homes will provide art, music, or outdoor bonding activities that you and other members of your sober housing community can participate in. These activities help foster a community of support that you will not get anywhere else.


While there are many benefits that are common throughout many sober housing communities, make no mistake that the vibe and resources provided at each sober housing facility is different from the next. Therefore it’s important to pick the sober housing community whose resources best cater to your needs and wants.


One resource that Monroe Street Housing specifically offers as a sober housing community is 24/7 medical and clinical services. These services are particularly beneficial to members that just finished medication-assisted treatment. This is because their medications are locked away and in constant medical supervision.


Another resource that Monroe Street Housing offers is an alumni association. The name of this alumni association is Visible Recovery. If you leave Monroe Housing and become a member of Visible Recovery, you’ll meet up with other fellow former Monroe Housing residents in real-world social spaces throughout central Indiana. Therefore, you will visibly exhibit your recovery in the real world. Hence, the title of the Monroe Housing Alumni Program.


At Monroe Housing our programs are 12-step-focused. Therefore, all our programs and support groups utilize beliefs and actions that awaken and treat the spirit. This means that we utilize moral and spiritual practices. Examples of these include meditation, looking towards a higher power, and practicing gratitude. By having support groups that are spirit-focused we aim to treat the mind, body, and soul of addiction. Doing so will lead to long-term sobriety.


The treatment programs at Monroe Housing are 2 phased. This means that our members must go through multiple steps to complete all of our programs. By providing a 2 phased system program, we are ensuring that our members are doing everything that they can while in the transition to lead successful sober lives later on in the real world.


At Monroe Street Housing, we provide education services for all of our members through vocational training. Vocational training is an education that will provide you with skills that you can use to obtain a job or perform a practical service in the real world. By providing vocational training, we are increasing the chances that you will find work during or after your stay at our facility.


We offer transportation to interviews for our members who need it. This can help you in your job hunt. We also offer transportation services to local meetings.


We provide meals for our members. This means less cooking that you have to do. We also make sure that you are eating a balanced diet. This is because, at Monroe Housing, we know how important it is to eat well and take care of yourself. The better you take care of yourself, the better your body will fell, and the less likely that you will turn to substances to cope with life or feel better.



Monroe Street Housing is a co-ed housing community. This means that both men and women can live here. This also means that you get to learn ways to better manage your addiction through the male and female perspective. If you are someone that likes to get multiple perspectives on a situation, a co-ed sober housing community might be the option that’s best for you.


Monroe Street Housing Has the Resources That You Need
Monroe Street Housing is the sister sober housing community connected to the First City Recovery Center rehab facility. Both located in Kokomo, Indiana, we are close to downtown. We also provide sober living by the sea. To learn more about Monroe Street Housing and our resources, feel free to contact us anytime.

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