The ultimate goal of sober living homes is to have their members leave their housing communities with the physical and mental strength to remain sober long-term and the skill set to successfully function in the real world. One way to ensure that people in recovery can function in the real world is to get them jobs. This is because getting a job means getting money, which means independence. In fact, many sober housing communities provide their members with career support just to help them get jobs and become independent.

 There are two main ways that we give our members career support here at Monroe Street Housing. One of these ways is through vocational training and the other way is through transportation services to job interviews.

To learn just how effective the career support that we provide our members with here at Monroe Street Housing is, you should first understand how much vocational training and transportation services to job interviews have a positive impact on the careers of our residents. You must also understand how vocational training and transportation services to job interviews are particularly helpful to people in recovery in general.


Vocational training is education or training that provides you with skills that you can use to get a job. Since getting a job helps people function in society, it’s no surprise that a sober living community like ours would provide vocational training to our members that can help them achieve this goal.

Vocational training has a positive impact on the careers of those who use it because it provides them with skills. All jobs require a certain skill set. Therefore, the best way to ensure that you’re the best candidate to receive a job is to show that you contain the skill set to master the job. As a result, vocational training will provide you with the skills to appeal to job recruiters.

People in recovery may have struggled to do well career-wise due to their addictions. As a result, they need to do anything they can to make themselves appear more appealing to job recruiters. Going the extra mile by receiving vocational training could be the thing that could set them apart.

Vocational training can also benefit people in recovery because it could make up for the time that they lost not keeping up with their careers. 


Regardless of your skill set, it will be difficult to get a job if you can’t get to your job interview. That’s why transportation services is so important.

How Transportation Services Help People Leave a Good Impression at Job Interviews

A job interview is one of the most nerve-wracking things that you’ll need to do as a professional. This is because there is a large amount of pressure riding on job interviews.

Nothing lasts longer than a first impression. Thus, if you leave a poor first impression in your job interview, you’ll likely not receive the job. On the bright side, if you leave a good first impression, your likelihood of receiving the job increases ten-fold.

One way to leave a good impression at a job interview is to get there early. If you don’t have a car or a license, getting somewhere early is a difficult task to achieve. That’s why transportation services for things like job interviews are so useful.

How Transportation Services for Job Interviews Help People Overcome Obstacles in Their Lives

Transportation services for job interviews also help people in recovery overcome obstacles in their lives. For people in addiction recovery, the obstacles that they face that interfere with them making progress in their career are their past mistakes. These past mistakes are due to their addiction and the lingering repercussions that it caused in their lives. 

One lingering repercussion that addiction can cause on a person’s life is the loss of a license or vehicle. Addicts may have lost their vehicle or license due to harmful substance-related behaviors. As a result, coming early to a job interview is a difficult task to achieve for many people in recovery.

That’s why transportation services in sober living homes are so useful. It provides a service that many people in recovery need—someone to drive them to where they need to go. In this case, the place those in recovery need to go to is their job interviews.


Establishing a career for yourself could change your entire life for the better. One way that establishing a career for yourself could improve your life is by giving you confidence. When you’re recovering from addiction, you may lack confidence. This is particularly true due to the shame and guilt that addiction often causes. When you set a career goal for yourself, like completing vocational training or receiving a new job, it could be just the thing you need to prove to yourself that you’re not a lost cause.

Another way that improving your career path can have a positive impact on your life as a person in addiction recovery is by providing you with the finances that you’ll need to pay back old debts and start anew. Addiction often causes financial problems as individuals tend to feed their addictions instead of tending to other monetary needs. Therefore, getting a job and establishing a career for yourself is just what you need to pay back old debts and financially repair your life.


At Monroe Street Housing, our goal is to improve your life and well-being. Therefore, investing in your career by providing you with vocational training and transportation to job interviews is a no brainer. To learn more about our sober living housing community and the other ways that we invest in the future of our residents, contact us today.

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