Monroe Street Housing is a sober living housing community-based in Kokomo, Indiana. Our sober living facility provides sober living by the sea. It also provides a healthy downtown area nearby that is filled with restaurants, shops, parks, pools, gyms, and more.

When first built, our building once served as a railway distribution hub and stopping point for freight up and down the system. Now, 150 years later, this building serves as a tool to uplift the lives of people in addiction recovery.

At Monroe Street Housing, we provide all of our members with aftercare services through support groups. These support groups are spirit-focused. This means that we use tools like practicing gratitude, looking towards a higher power, and being introspective to help make the mind, body, and soul ready to transition into the real world after addiction treatment.

Some individuals need medication-assistance to work through addiction recovery. Since we are aware of this, we offer lockers that members can put their medications into while having medical supervision.

We even offer alternative aftercare services that are structured around finding non-medical ways to help you overcome your addiction. That way you all can truly function outside of rehab as sober individuals. These alternative services also make it easier to connect to one’s spirit. Additionally, we offer our members vocational training and transportation to job interviews and some other necessary events.

We have staff members working at our housing community 24/7 to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Thus, you can contact Monroe Street Housing anytime. If you’d like to visit our facility, visit the address below:

Monroe Street Housing LLC
120 W Monroe St, Kokomo, Indiana 46901

You can also message us online through our website message board. To contact us over the phone, call us today.


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